Bathroom Stores

A remodeled bathroom can increase comfort levels in this private space to a whole new level. You may not have the financial muscle to get a complete bathroom makeover or install an additional, ultra modern bath. But making a few changes to the existing bathroom is enough to make the bath feel new and look fresh. Invest in a few, well chosen quality bathroom solutions, fittings and accessories and you’ll have a high function bathroom that looks stylish without going over the board.  For best results, browse through home decor magazines and websites to get ideas on bathroom designs that you can implement in your bathroom. From here, you can narrow down the ideas to the ones you like and adapt them to suit your personal style. South Africa’s bathroom stores are a good place to get inspiration for your bathroom design. Bathroom products sold here are likewise in plenty and will help you realize what it is that you can add to your bath.

To give your bathroom a fresh look, add a dash of color. It will make the room come alive and give it a heartwarming ambience. Good color choices include blue, yellow, red, green, and pink, but these are not the only colors you can use. Be adventurous and incorporate any color of your liking, as long as it blends with the base colors in the bath. Varying shades of your chosen color will create a look of harmony and make the bathroom look clean and neat. Bathroom tiles have a beautifying effect on the bathroom. Experiment with a unique tiles mural on your wall(s) for a different look. You can also fix tiles on your bathroom tub for an even more spectacular look. Using everyday bathroom fixtures like these creatively goes a long way in transforming the bath.

Take advantage of modern bathroom fittings and accessories to enhance styling in the bath without compromising on the functional side of the room. Key to doing this successfully is to ensure that any accessory you pick first serves a specific function in the bathroom, then you can consider its design and features. The good thing with modern bathroom solutions is that are created with aesthetics in play, so that you get to choose from among dozens of beautiful designs and shapes. This applies to things like tower rails, paper and tumbler holders, lighting chandeliers and scones, mirrors and glass shelving or cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets and vanities not only provide a place for you to store most of your bathroom equipment and products, they are an integral part to the bathroom decor. Choose cabinets that have multiple storage options inside, such as pull out trays, drawers, rails, and mini shelves. This diversity in storage type and size allows you to compartmentalize your personal items and sort them for easy access. Pick vanities and cabinets with ornate detailing to add to the bathroom’s style.

With the wide availability and variety of modern bathroom accessories in the market today, transforming your bathroom into a cozy, charming place is easy and affordable. Start the journey to a new-look bathroom by choosing the right bath products, cabinets, accessories and fittings in South Africa’s leading bathroom stores.