Lifestyle Furniture

Among the fastest growing furniture companies in South Africa is Lifestyle Furniture, an all-women owned company dedicated to providing quality furniture at affordable prices. The online based company does not have a physical store, but makes deliveries for free if within their free delivery areas in Johannesburg and delivery at a fee for regions outside these areas. Lifestyle Furniture showcases a broad variety of creatively done furniture in unique contemporary designs. It is definitely the store to watch given how steadily its client base has risen since its inception in 2009. The exclusive range of products on offer, coupled with speedy response to inquiries, endears the company to many first time customers and sees many more making return purchases.

The Lifestyle Furniture product range includes couches, sofas and settees, ottomans, beds of all types and sizes, tables, and more. They use various materials, among popular choices being suede and Pu leather. Each model comes in a choice of colors, with some popular hues common across the different furniture being black, white, beige, brown, red, cream, charcoal, and khaki. Colors like blue are also available on select furniture models. The company avails different designs of all their sofas, couches, beds to keep the variety wide and varied.

Lifestyle Furniture designs are ultra modern with a touch of class and elegance. Subtle detailing is commonly infused in many of these models, with diamant√© and diamant√© buttons featuring prominently in some of their designs. You can shop for the whole family here, given that there is a bit of everything for the home, from chairs, arm chairs and sofas to adult beds and kids’ beds. If you’re interested in a particular design, shoot the company representatives a question using the contact information given on their website, The response will be fast and detailed; you’ll walk away satisfied. Delivery takes between one and three days, and you only pay on delivery and only after you are satisfied with the product. It is possible to request for an exchange should you want to change the color of the product you ordered.

To keep its products fresh and appealing, Lifestyle Furniture uses the finest quality of materials and employs skilled craftsmanship for best results. What you get in turn is well framed furniture that is stable, steady, comfortable, and durable. Products from the brand last for years without wear, even with regular use. Provided you follow through with the necessary maintenance care routines as advised by the manufacturer, you should be able to enjoy using your furniture for long.

Get beautiful furniture for your home at Lifestyle Furniture, a fast growing furniture company in South Africa. The company offers a election of well designed and made furniture for the living room, lounge, TV room, and bedroom at great prices.