Premium Garage Doors

For many home owners, the home is only complete when the exterior matches the interior in decor and design. When thinking of beautifying your outdoors, look beyond the garden, flower patch, driveway and backyard, and include the garage in your plans. The exterior beauty of any home compound can be enhanced or downgraded by the garage door. A good quality garage door is all you need to keep your landscape spruced up and tidy. The number of companies specializing in garage door manufacture and installation in South Africa is healthy; all you have to do is identify a company that can deliver the kind of door you require and contract them to install it for you.

Garage doors come in standard sizes, which match the average garage door sizes in many homes and commercial settings. However, you can still get a custom made garage door should you need a bigger or smaller size. The doors are largely made from wood, aluzinc, and aluminum. Wooden garage doors are very popular with many people, largely because of their beauty and natural look. They require a higher level of maintenance and need to be oiled regularly to keep them in good condition. Because the door will constantly be exposed to the elements, the wood used to carve the door is treated to provide resilience to heat and moisture. Wooden garage doors are much thicker than the average door leading to a room and are sturdily constructed to give them the stability required for their heavy duty use. A cheaper alternative to wood is aluzinc or steel doors. These are just as durable and a great alternative to wood for anyone with only a small budget to work with. The plus side is that they require no maintenance and won’t take up much of your time. Aluzinc garage doors stand up to the weather and temperature well, and will not be affected by extremely high or low temperatures, even though the latter is hardly recorded¬† in SA. The third alternative is aluminum garage doors, which are just as durable but more expensive than aluzinc doors. They weather the elements well and can similarly be used for years without wear or rusting away.

Garage doors come in many styles and designs. Check out the showcased designs in garage door dealer showrooms to identify a design that would work for your entrance. Keep in mind that many dealers can customize the door for you. You only need to indicate the changes you want made, any adjustments in size, and your preferred color and they’ll design it for you. Prices range from around R 6,000 for aluzinc doors plus installation and can be more than R 9,000 for wooden garage doors. Prices vary depending on the design and type of door, and the accessories added to the door. Sliding doors, roll up doors, and doors that open to the outside may not cost the same.

Complete the made-up look of your home compound with a garage door. Garage doors come in different types and are made in standard door sizes. Still, many dealers in South Africa will customize your door to the size your want.