Antique Furniture

Sometimes, all you need to create a different look in a room is antique furniture. When you’ve embraced the various modern, contemporary and classic furniture styles commonly showcased in furniture stores across South Africa for many years, it’s easy to desire something out of the ordinary. This unusual charm is readily found in antique creations, which you can get at antique furniture stores in the country.  Most of these stores are not tied to one specific type of antiques but will have many different types of antique furniture from different eras and regions. You may or may not know for sure what you’re looking for, but when you walk into one of these stores, you’ll certainly fall in love with a few of the rare pieces on display.

South Africa antique furniture stores stock everything from antique desks, chairs, tables, wardrobes, armoires, display cabinets, dining tables and chairs, bookcases, dining tables and chairs, Victorian furniture, Georgian furniture, Edwardian furniture, Chinese antique furniture, and walnut antique furniture. Each of these has a unique signature look which you won’t ever find in another piece of furniture, unless of course it is a modern replica. Antique collectors appreciate the unique shape and design of each piece, which is what makes this type of furniture so distinctly exclusive.

Many antique furniture stores in South Africa sell pieces in their original form without attempting to do any kind of restoration in the items. Some also restore antique pieces to good form before putting them up for sale, but you can still trace their original form and beauty through the re-finishing. Other stores stock both unrestored antique furniture in its raw form and restored ones, so customers can choose the kind they want. Many die-hard antique fans prefer their antique furniture in unadulterated form, and will, without second consideration, go for this option at the stores. If you’re buying antique furniture with the aim of refurbishing it, you’ll find the restored variety in many stores appealing as it’s done to good taste and takes away the involving task of doing the restoration yourself or paying someone to do it.

There are many stores you can visit for antique furniture in South Africa. Top on this list are Barter Buy Antiques in Kensington Johannesburg, Roger England Antiques in Durban, Classic Revivals outlets in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Die Ossewa Antiques in Johannesburg, Le Chateau, A.E Wright Furnishers of Durban, Millers Antiques of Johannesburg, and Little Treasures, Die Wakis Antique Furniture, Uriah’s Heap, An-Tea K Kettle, Golden Oldies, Labyrinth House, Geran Meubels, Retro Rabbits, LFR Antiques, Bellbottoms,Pieter Oosthuizen Antiques & Interiors, and Sinkhuisie Antiques, all in Pretoria.

Antique furniture offers a great way to express your unique style and good taste in well crafted furniture. If you have a growing desire for handmade furniture in unique designs, quench your desire with the selection available in South Africa antique furniture stores. There are plenty of authentic antique pieces for sale that will add charm to any room.